Mind, Body, Planet

Nourish your Body, Care for your Mind AND the Environment

Don't you think it's time to 'cut the clutter'?  From your mind, your body and the planet...At Naked Eco that's exactly what we're all about. Let us show you how.

Are you scared that the pressures of a busy, modern life will bring you down and steal your happy vibe?

You're not depressed.  You don't suffer diagnosed anxiety.  You don't have huge problems and you want to keep it that way.  That doesn't happen all by itself.  In this day and age it's hard to keep that balance of a busy life and a peaceful mind, a sumptuous menu and a healthy waistline, a life of convenience versus a sustainable, eco friendly future.  We hear you loud and clear.  And we can help you 'cut the crap' with our eco living for mindful souls lifestyle tools.  

Mind, Body, Planet - The complete package

YOU are Complete.  Maybe you don't feel like that every day.  We want you to remember that you are important.  YOU deserve to feel good, in your body and your soul.
All our products are designed to help you do exactly that.  Learn to look after You AND the Planet.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are to the mind what exercise is to the body. The more you remind yourself about the power of positivity, the easier it is to believe it.

The Power of Your Mind

Us humans often forget the amazing power within our own minds.  We'll help you uncover yours so you can maintain a sustainable mind and body.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

We're a complete package.  Think of the people who have it all together... they're mentally strong and physically healthy.  You can be too.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our physical products are great for the environment. Our bamboo is organic, harvested by hand and regrows naturally - 100% sustainable.

At Naked Eco we create Sustainable products for sustainable minds.

In an eco-friendly nutshell, that means, that along with small group workshops, retreats and online courses in maintaining a healthy mind, we create eco-friedly bamboo utensils which are engraved with positive affirmations.

Meet our mealtime affirmations set

Fill up on nourishing thoughts of positivity with our new Mealtime Affirmation Set. Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery engraved with positive affirmations. The perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

Future proof straws - suck up on sustainability

Suck up on goodness, for you AND the planet, with our new Future Proof Straw Set. Eco-friendly bamboo straws engraved with positive affirmations. The perfect gift for yourself and anyone you want to feel better about themselves - like everyone!

What Others Say about our utensils


My Naked Eco cutlery comes in so handy.  I carry it in my handbag and pull it out for lunch every day in the food court. It helps me say no to plastic and reminds me to take a second to focus on myself and feel good about my day.


I needed to find a way to surround myself with positivity, to keep myself strong during some tough times.  We use our Naked Eco cutlery every day at home instead of our normal stuff.  Even the kids love it.  The affirmations start conversations with the kids that we all learn so much from.


I hate single use plastic.  I already had a bamboo straw but I just love the whole concept of the messages on the cutlery.  I've stocked up for all my friends who need a bit of a pick me up from time to time - and let's face it, we all need that.

Instead of wasting precious mental energy, let's strengthen your mind.  Get comfortable saying no to useless STUFF and Hell Yeah to a more sustainable mind, body and planet.

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