How about a “Complaint Cleanse”….

By toniakrebs

Do you even notice that the more you complain, the more you have to complain about?

I really need to say this.  You don’t have to listen and you definitely don’t have to agree, though chances are that if what I have to say triggers you and makes you feel uncomfortable and like you want to kick my head in – you need to listen the most.

I’m not saying I’m perfect.  What I AM saying is that if you don’t change your own attitude, nobody else can do it for you!

Do you even notice that the more you whinge and complain, the more you have to whinge about?

Yes, I am aware that this in itself is complaining.  The irony isn’t lost on me!

Do you think about the fact that when you always find the negative in anything, might mean that you actually attract more negativity into your own life and sooner or later people will stop wanting to hang around you because you let off so much negative energy?

Of course things piss you off.  It’s normal.  Find the  good parts.  Losing your job – cool, I’m gonna find an even better one.  Paying more than you expected for a holiday.  Oh well, I’ll make sure it’s the best holiday I’ve ever had.

I hear so many people complain on such a regular basis.  One day it’s complaining that your boss doesn’t appreciate you.  Next week it’s complaining that she’s cutting your hours.  Of course she is.  You don’t appreciate her either and she doesn’t HAVE to give you a job.  You feel entitled.  Poor Me.  You think the world owes you something and you think you’re happy to work for it, but your actions show otherwise.

If you don’t like your friends.  Don’t call them friends.  When all you do is bitch and moan about your awful friends, chances are you shouldn’t be friends.  Find friends on your own level. Friends who make you feel whole and complete and lift you up. Chances are they feel you bringing them down, but they’re just as stuck as you and are happy to keep pretending.

Be real.  Sure, you’re not going to say everything you think.  You know that’s not always right, but most of the time is fine!  You have to be YOU.  You deserve to be YOU. Why are you pretending to be anyone else?  Really?  Why?  Be totally honest with yourself.

Now, chances are you’re thinking back to when X Y or Z happened 20 years ago.  Yeah, that’s the reason you’re so bloody negative.  You’ve been wronged.  Right?  NO.  The reason you are the way you are, is totally because of YOUR OWN negative attachments to past events.

You might have been mistreated.  You might have suffered terribly.  Those things are real.  How you choose to deal with them and face the world, moving on, is YOUR CHOICE.  Nobody else’s.

If you’ve given up your power.  No problem.  It happens.  You can take it back.  Acknowledge the past, offer forgiveness if that’s what it takes to move on and let it go.  Find a way to let it go.  Once and for all.  Bit by bit until it’s gone or do it all at once.  Whatever works for you. There’s no right or wrong.  What’s wrong is blaming someone else for your future.

We’re not here to compare though you will always find someone worse off than you.  Someone who’s been through the same or similar events as you and they found a better way to deal with it.  A better way to come out the other side.

You know what makes the most crucial difference?


Be grateful for what you’ve got.

Got a headache.  Sure it’s yucky and you’re sick of it.  Be grateful you don’t have a brain tumour.

Lost your job.  Be grateful you didn’t lose your arm.

Smashed up your car.  Sure it’ll cost you and yeah, it will be hard to get around, but you’re alive .  Be grateful.

You know, the people who are taking their last breath would give anything to be worrying about their next job.  They’d be so glad to have a headache cos it means they’ve got a pulse and they can feel.

Be grateful.

I’m pretty sure that those who would benefit the most from going deep within and looking seriously at their own mindset and what they project to the world, aren’t reading this.  So why would I bother writing it?

I bother because we all know someone like that. Someone who shoots an arrow through your heart. Someone who can belittle you with one word. Someone who criticises and complains with every breath.

We can’t change other people.  We often try, but it doesn’t work.

Here’s your chance.  If you have those people in your life who drag you down and complicate your life, then you have a choice.  Stay there and let them zap the remaining positive energy you’ve been able to hold on to, or leave.  Detach your mind or leave in a physical sense.  You’ll know what’s right for you.  All I know is that you don’t have to put up with that shit.

You might be scared of losing their love.  What price are you paying for that version of love?  You might be afraid of being alone.  Chances are it’s time to learn how to truly love yourself.  Loving yourself wholeheartedly is one of life’s biggest accomplishments and will bring you unbelievable gratitude.

Think about it.  Get rid of the crap in your life.  Ditch the negativity and you can go to bed at night with a full heart and sense of self satisfaction, knowing that you’ve chosen the right path for YOU.  No more doubting.  No more putting up with shit you don’t deserve.  Learn to love your own company.  Love your peaceful mind.  Love your own integrity.

I promise you that Gratitude Plus Self Love = Joy.

That’s what’s missing from the never ending complainers’ lives.  The only difference between them and you is that you’ve taken responsibility for your own future and made decisions to make the most out of the beautiful life you’re privileged to have.