What’s sustainable about bamboo?

When bamboo’s harvested properly, with care, the plant regenerates and new shoots grow.  It is a very sustainable product as it is fast growing and requires no chemicals, fertilisers or irrigation. Bamboo produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees, which means that every bamboo plant is helping our precious environment.  Our bamboo products are 100% free from chemicals and are compostable.

Can I use my bamboo utensils every day?

Sure, you can.  The only thing we don’t suggest is to put them in the dishwasher as the heat will make them wear out quickly.  Be aware that they might absorb colour from certain foods.  We recommend washing them in your normal washing up, in hot soapy water and drying naturally.  It’s a good idea to oil them every now and then but how often depends on how often you use them!  You can use coconut oil or vegetable oil, any food grade oil will do the job. 

bamboo harvested by hand

Where is our bamboo from?

Think of bamboo, think of pandas, think of pandas and you think of…. China. Our bamboo is harvested by hand from a family farm in China.  It’s cut with manual tools, with the farmers being careful not to damage the root, so the plant regenerates itself, ready for the next harvest. It’s then transported to the factory for drying and processing, where it is turned into our beautful utensils before being engraved with a laser etcher.

Why are there differences in the size of my utensils and the engraving?

Being a natural product, our utensils are never going to be all exactly the same.  

In general, cutlery is approximately 19 – 20 cm long and the straw is 9 – 10mm in diameter.  The engraving is darker on older bamboo which is drier. 

How long after ordering should I expect to receive my order?

Your order will generally be processed within 48 hours and your products posted.  You’ll receive an email from us when it leaves our warehouse.  Within Australia we have expectations of up to 5 days postage but this is often much quicker. If for some reason your products don’t arrive, of course, let us know. 

Affirmations – What The?

Affirmations are statements that ‘affirm’ something.  Basically they’re messages which we need to hear!  Positive affirmations, repeated regularly will begin to feel more natural and our unconscious mind will eventually believe it to be true.  When positive messages are planted on everyday items, like our cutlery… we read it every time we see it.  Take a bite, oh yeah, “I am Strong”.  Sip our drink and we remember, that’s right “I’ve Got This”.  Eventually it becomes a positive part of our mindset and helps us have a more mindful life. 

The Best Way to Use Positive Affirmations

When you pick up your cutlery, glance at each piece.  Choose one to focus on.  Take a deep breath and say the affirmation in your head.  If you’re in a private place it’s even better if you can shut your eyes and really concentrate on the feeling that goes along with that particular affirmation.  If you’re in a public place, either you start a movement and everyone joins you in your affirmations or you just do it more discreetly – you choose whichever feels best! The more you focus and the more frequently you repeat it, the easier it will be and before long your unconscious mind will actually believe what the rest of the world already knows to be true; You’re awesome! 

 Are Naked Eco Products Guaranteed?

The mindset work is up to you!  We guarantee that if you focus on the affirmations with true intention, you will improve your mindset.  How much and how quickly is entirely up to you.  Team it with other positive lifestyle choices and the impact will be even better.

Given that our products are totally natural, it’s normal that there are imperfections.  From time to time a straw will split or a spoon will crack – particularly if used frequently and washed in the dishwasher or even when thrown around in the bottom of your handbag – like mine! If this happens within 3 months of purchase, just send an email to hi@nakedeco.com.au and we’ll send you another set – on us!