Meet your Mealtime Affirmation Set

By toniakrebs

Meet your Mealtime Affirmation Set

$20.00 Inc GST

  • I am your positive daily affirmations: I am strong, I am loved, I am enough, I’ve got this.
  • I am eco-friendly bamboo cutlery, certified food safe and chemical free.
  • I am sustainably sourced, packaged and posted.
  • I am the perfect gift for your friends, your family…. yourself.
  • I am a knife, fork and spoon with a straw and cleaning brush in a natural linen bag.
  • I am helping you say no to plastics and yes to more eco friendly living.
  • I am a sustainable product, helping you have a sustainable mind.
  • I am great for food halls, take-away foods, picnics, camping, school lunchboxes, work lunches or everyday meals.
  • I am portable, compostable and helping you transform your thoughts, your day and your life.



Fill up on nourishing thoughts of positivity with our new Mealtime Affirmation Set. Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery engraved with positive affirmations. The perfect gift for yourself and those you love.


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